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      Zibo Xinya Calcium Industry Co., Ltd sites at Zichuan area, Zibo City, Shandong Province where it is rich of high quality limestone resources. The company is the wholly owned subsidiary (branch company) of Zibo Xinya Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd (http://www.3d-jia.com) which belonged to the Sinopec, Shandong Qilu branch before, and then transformed to be shareholding system. The new company was founded in November 2008 with a registered capital of 60 million yuan. The company occupies 65 mu (about 43355 square meters) and also has a limestone mine of 800 mu (about 132 acres) for the production. The fixed number of staff is 100. Our company planed to invest 120 million yuan to import two regenerative Twin-D lime kilns from ITALY CIMPROGETTI COMPANY (called “CIM” below) which has the first-class kiln technology in the world. The capacity of each kiln is 400 tons per day and the kilns mainly product high activity Cao, Ca(OH)2 and PCC. It is the biggest limestone further processing base for its production scale per kiln and the highest automation level. Furthermore, the company has got the import and export license. 

      The company devotes itself to the production of the superfine Cao in China. We own several national patented technologies and one of them is one kind of Ca(OH)2 production device used for the dry FGD. The technique power of the company is strong and the production process is advanced. We take natural gas which is clean energy as fuel and the equipped environmental protection equipments are all up to the standard. The whole production process realizes automatic control and the lab testing methods are completed and reliable.

      The company arranges the production strictly according to the ISO9000 quality management system and the ISO14001 environmental management system. The product quality is stable and has features of high purity and activity, less humidity and dosage, high efficiency and so on. The transportation both for land and sea is very convenient, which is near the national road 309 and the JI-QING highway in the north, 200 kilometers away from Qingdao Port in the east and 120 kilometers from Jinan city in the west.

      The business philosophy of the company is “practical, credibility, harmony and innovation” and the service aim is “excellent, effective, professional and satisfied”. The chairman Mr. Shang Weiguo and the general manager Mr. LV Guoqiang on behalf of all the staff warmly welcome all new and regular customers to patronize, and are looking forward to have a sincere cooperation and go forward hand in hand with friends from all circles.


      Address: Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, ethylene Road 206       TEL:0533-7580817       FAX:0533-7524590
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